Young first time car buyers normally do not know much about credit scores.  It’s not until it comes to the day when they attempt to buy a new or used vehicle.  There are three credit bureaus that report a borrower's credit score.  The credit score is a three digit number ranging from 300-850.  The lowest number means bad credit, where the highest number means good credit.

Think of the credit score as a report card of a borrower's payment and debt history.  As a person applies for credit and/or loans and begins making payments, late payments or no payments; that is the start of a credit history or the report card with good or bad scores.  For the first time borrowers, it’s advisable to begin building a good credit score.  There are many ways to avoid a negative score on the credit.  It can begin by communicating with lender when the borrower is having problems making payments.  A car buyer will be surprised how many offer some assistance or can work with borrower to help them catch up.

A dealership offering subprime car loans through subprime lending companies is equipped to work with car buyers with bad credit and no credit for that matter.  Not all major car dealerships offer the assistance of special financing.  This means if you have no credit, slow credit or bad credit it’s best to let your sales agent know ahead of time and before going through entire buying process.  The least you want to do is waste your time at the dealership that does not have the means to help you.  If they do not have the capability to help you with multiple subprime lending programs, then you may want to move along and purchase from a bad credit car loan dealership.