Are you interested in buying a used vehicle, certified preowned, or a vehicle for under 10k but are not sure if you should purchase from a private seller or from a dealership with special financing? If so, check out some of the benefits of buying from a dealership below to help you decide.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car, Truck or SUV from a Car Dealership

While it is generally true that if you purchase a vehicle from a private seller, it will be cheaper than buying from a dealership, this route also has its risks;  the biggest being the lack of protection that it offers buyers. Thankfully, purchasing a used auto from a car dealership offers a number of benefits that make this decision fair.

Some of the benefits of buying a used vehicle from a dealership include:

1. Dealerships generally offer certified vehicles: this ensures that the used car you are about to purchase has been through rigorous testing and that it meets certain quality standards before being placed on the lot. For example, if the car has a mechanical problem the dealership cannot sell the vehicle to you; this is in the best interest of the dealership as well as the customers and repeat customers.

2. You can test out the vehicle firsthand: Visiting a dealership will allow you to see the vehicle in person, test drive it, get it checked by a mechanic, and get a CarFax before you buy it.

3. Car dealerships cannot legally sell you a lemon: However, this law doesn’t necessarily apply to private sellers. It is important to note, however, that if a dealership has marked a vehicle “as is” you should do some research on the repairs that are needed before you decide to hand over your money.

4. Less Paperwork: If you are someone who hates paperwork, then you will be happy to know that many dealerships will help you transfer titles, get financing, and other inconvenient aspects of purchasing a vehicle.

5. Trade-ins: If you have another vehicle and would like to save money on your next used car purchase, you can trade the original vehicle in, at many dealerships, in order to receive a discount in price.

6. Selection: Many dealerships offer a variety of used cars and trucks for sale. This is a great benefit because it allows you to try out a number of vehicles before making your final purchasing vehicles. You won't have to run around from private seller to private seller because all of your choices are already on one lot.

6. Payments: If you are strapped for cash, and you are struggling with bad credit.  There’s a dealership near you that offers special financing to help with the bad credit car loan.  You absolutely need a vehicle and you are looking to finance a car under 10K?  A dealership has the inventory versus if you go to a private owner.  Although the under 10K vehicles may have lower monthly payments, you also have the option to view new or pre owned vehicles because you now have the option to apply for special financing.  If you purchase a vehicle from a private seller, most likely, you will have to pay the full amount up-front.

The Bottom Line

A car dealership is the best place to go for your used buying needs; especially if you are looking for special financing and a larger new and used inventory.